Casablanca (half sister to Camaro)

Born 1995 German import

Registered Trakehner and ZfDP
Black Tobiano filly by Epik out of Coloured Beauty.

A wonderful pattern of a brood mare, easy breeder and excellent mother.  Has foaled every year, since 4 years old. Two blacks and eigth black Tobianos, and has an approved son in Germany.

For Sale, as I have retained her daughter and son, who are both homozygous.

Tested in foal to Honeybrook Gold.
50% buckskin
50% Tobiano

Honeybrook Chapman

Born April 2009 at Honeybrook Stud.
Homozygous tobiano and black Colt by Camaro out of Casablanca by Epik.

now a stunning  3 years old and 16.3hh

full brother to Camero now in Australia ,Cassiopeia graded Trakehner mare HZ tobiano and black ,and Honeybrook Cassadee the 1st coloured Trakehner born here and For Sale

Count Lindenau

Count Lindenau (Cid)

 Born 2007 Trakehner German import.
Blue and White Homozygous Tobiano  by Grande Couleur out of Cilva by Elvis.
To make 16.2 hh
Origin of Count Lindenau (Cid’s) offical name.

In 1786 Count Karl Lindenau was appointed stud manager by Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia. In 1787 Count Lindenau inspected all the stock and rejected 25 stallions out of 38 in use and 144 mares out of 356 that had been used as breeding stock upto that time. After this all foals were branded with the seven pronged elk antler. The herds were divided up into riding and carriage types and colour segregation, Black, Bay, Chestnut and two mixed herds. The two mixed herds would have included coloureds and diutes. This segregation remained in effect until the flight in 1945. From The Trakehner by Dr Eberhard von Velsen-Zerweck and Erhard Schulte, published by J. A. Allen.

Cid is an outstanding example of a dressage stallion.He passages all the time he is turned out.He has a wonderful personality which is passed on to his foals.Out of 4 foals born 2011 2 colts and 2 fillies ,only 1 looks to take his colour ,3 of them are homozygous tobiano.2 colts are HZ tobiano and are For Sale

Here are pictures of Grande Couleur, sire of Count Lindenau (Cid):

Honeybrook Gold

HoneyBrook Gold (Rummy)

Born 2006 Thoroughbred USA import.

Palomino Stallion by Elusive Quest (a brown frame Overo) out of Shimmering Gold by Billionair.

To make 16hh.

Now licensed for breeding with the British Palomino Society

 Having owned stallions for over 20 years and breeding for 40 years I am so impressed with this stallion’s first foals Honeybrook Kugerrand and Honeybrook Jasmine are 2 exceptional palomino Anglo Arabs and his Trakehner  foals are brilliant.I look forward to them being shown and competed where I am certain they will do exceptionally well.

Rummy is a rare stallion He is the only adult  Palomino Thoroughbred stallion  in the United Kingdom.  He is exceptional and his foals are unbelievable.

Honeybrook Cassadee

Rare black tobiano 5 year old mare by Camaro out of Casablanca


Born 6th May 2007 (at Honeybrook Stud)

Black Tobiano mare by Camaro out of Casablanca by Epik.


beautiful and talented full sister to the homozygous tobiano eventing stallion Camero now in Australia

First coloured Trakehner foal branded in the United Kingdom by the Trakehner Breeders Fraternity.

Camaro’s foals have sold up to 22 000 Euros at auction. Camaro is highly thought of as an event stallion, in Germany and his foals have been sold all over.

Horses for Sale

  • Honeybrook Cassadee, 7 years by Camaro, Filly, Born 2007, Black Tobiano Trakehner
  • Honeybrook Czar, 3 years by Count Lindenau, colt HZ tobiano Trakehner
  • Honeybrook Cameron, 4 years by Honeybrook Gold, Colt, Bay Tobiano TB x Trak
  • Honeybrook Caesar, 3 years by Count Lindenau, colt HZ tobiano Trakehner, to be gelded 4th April
  • Honeybrook Empress, 3 years by Count Lindenau
  • Honeybrook Countess, 3 years by Count Lindenau, Homozygous tobiano For sale
  • Honeybrook Nacarat (Ruby) 3 years by Honeybrook Gold
  • 3 American Miniature mares

Welcome to Honeybrook Stud

Lyn Phillips owner of Honeybrook Stud has been breeding horses for 40 years and owns the Only British Stud Breeding Coloured Trakehners and dilute TB and Anglo Arab.

I feel privilaged to own these outstanding horses and I believe them to be the very best of coloured sport horses. They are only bred in very small numbers and so are quite rare.

The Trakehner is the oldest and purest warmblood and has infulenced all other warmblood breeds to the present day.  Including Record breaking dressage stallion Moorlands Totilas (KWPN). Sire Gribaldi (Trakehner). Even his dam is part Trakehner with a very famous Trakehner stallion in her pedigree Marco Polo, sire of Marius, Grandsire of Milton.

The offical beginning of the organised horse breeding in East Prussia started in  1732 the year the Trakehner Central Stud was founded. It was organised into it’s well known studs of separate types and colours by Count Karl Lindenau in 1787.  The Trakehnen Stud produced an all round high class horse that was solely for the use of the royal household, of Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia. The Trakehnen Stud remained until the flight in 1945, away from the advancing Russian forces. Less than 2 000 survived out of 27 000 to settle in West Germany, and these reduced in the next two years to less than 800 in total.

When I decided to again bred large horses (after breeding American Minatures for a time and TB x ID for 20 years plus) I gave a lot of thought as to what breed I wanted to be involved with.  I have always been interested in dilutes, coloureds and spotties. I knew about Trakehners, and who of my generation would not have been in awe of “Abdullah”, just to name one. So Coloured Trakchners it was. I soon learned that no-one was breeding them in this country and very few were actually bred at all. So here I am carrying on my love of coloured horses with the only herd of Coloured Trakehners in the UK. These are very beautiful conformed horses and I look forward to adding more bloodlines into my breeding program.

My first foal born in 1974 was a palomino and the stud has now also gone back to breeding dilute sport horses with the acquisition from the USA of the Thoroughbred stallion Honeybrook Gold. I think he is my horse of a lifetime . His first foals born in 2009 are outstanding and have surpassed my expectations. Including the first Palomino Anglo Arab, Honeybrook Krugerrand (colt).and his beautiful full sister Honeybrook Jasmine a year later,the only ones in Europe.Although a very small stud I am proud to have bred 2 grade A showjumpers Honeybrook Lauranda and her son Honeybrook Legend who is now in America with his new owner.